It’s easy for your readers to create a personalized printable list with the Printable Lists WordPress Plug-in. This plug-in is eye candy to the reader! And for the user. . .it’s just as easy!


Simply start creating a list by clicking on the “Printable Lists” under post options:


Next, choose among many options as you create new lists:

  • Create a list with or without an expiration date.
  • Organize the order of items.
  • Add list dividers to easily organize the list.
  • Use a template you have previously set up.

The list can be inserted onto a page or post in two ways: you can enter the post reference generated when you created your list, or simply use the insert button located on the editing bar. It’s easy!

Once the post is published, this is how your list will look:

Cost is $129.
Customization is an additional $69 (which includes matching the color of the pop-up box to your site and adding your logo to the printable-lists print-out).
Support is $99, good for one year and must be renewed annually.  It includes automatic upgrades.

RETURN POLICY: If the Printable Lists Plugin does not meet your satisfaction, we will gladly refund your money within 7 days of your purchase.  We are, however unable to refund any customizations that were purchased and installed. 

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